Uncanny Valley

by Aethyr

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Recorded in 2009


released December 23, 2016

Major: Guitars, Synths, Samples, Ambience, Programming (drums & bass)
Hidden Q: Guitars
Pyrphoros: Vocals
John Forest: Clean vocals on "Into the Grey Woods"

Lyrics by Major
Cover art by Dr. Weird

Recorded in 2009
Mixed and mastered by Major at the Last Candle workshop
Released by Last Candle Productions under Creative Commons CC-NC-SA




Aethyr Greece

Aethyr were created in 2007, releasing "Reign of Mind". In 2016 "Uncanny Valley" was released with tracks recorded back in 2009. Aethyr are currently working on a new full-length to be released probably within 2017.

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Track Name: A New Journey
With newfound strength, again I rise
beyond these mountains the answer lies
my spirit seems distant, refuses to show
before I harvest all there is to know
Track Name: The Threshold
Remnants of some old heavy altars
a bleak reminder of timeless significance
marking the entrance through dense weed
stretching to where the mountains meet
the last portal to the collecting planes
the ultimate reflection of demonic claims

An obscene gallery of earthly deeds
and haunting, otherwordly dreams

The cold stones reflecting visions in my mind
of an age I cannot bind
in all its obscurity and ceremonial splendor
the Old One cursed

Shared will our insight be
with mortal minds that wander
our long slumber to end
and we will walk the earth again

An obscene gallery of earthly deeds
and haunting, otherwordly dreams

This is where my life leads
Track Name: Into the Grey Woods
At the edge of darkness the spirits lurk
seemingly deranging every act of thought
I cannot sense fear, only draw near
and into the grey woods

This night a new moon will rise
pale green, as I have foreseen

The path now lost in blackness
faint distorted whispers guiding through
sleeping trees and naked soil...

...naked soil
under empty branches
disturbing shapes lean
on unseen symmetric coil